Testimonial Aíto García Reneses

Basketball trainer

Coaching is something that has always existed in Basketball, from the trainer to the players, from managers to players and trainers (and the vice versa), from veterans to newcomers as well as in any other particular circumstance.

On the other side, it was much more common in some clubs, or teams, than in others.

Nevertheless, when professionalism started in Spain, this positive communication disappeared practically completely and each one did the strict part of his obligations, without getting in to “problems”.

For what I have been able to gather through contacts with companies something similar happened but with a lower intensity and frequency. It was precisely in front of this circumstance that some athletes talked in companies to explain examples that they knew about without any depth. They where useful as examples much more entertaining than those explained in the coaching theories from their teachers.

With the present individualism tendencies in teams and companies it has been doing lot’s of good in both cases, and personally both for the ones that receive and those who perform the coaching. I hope that this tendency is more and more extended.


About me

I am Mar Meneses, psychologist and coach in love with people and passionate about communication. My specialty is processes guidance for athletes, companies and executives.


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