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You may want to change your lifestyle, your work, your way of doing things – or the way you take them in – in order to relate to others … but do not know how or where to start in change management. Is it like that?

There are many professionals in any field of activity who feel stressed, unmotivated, bored, and believe that the solution to their discontent would be to change some aspect of their lives. And why not more than one?

You can change everything you want, starting with attitudes. It is precisely some of these attitudes that can prevent you from moving forward in the direction you want.

It is about eliminating resistances and taking the right actions that will allow you to take the first steps towards change.

To get past these resistances:

  • We will analyse what elements are causing them. Do you really want to change? What effort are you willing to do to achieve it? Are you in a hurry to change, or will you postpone it while there are more important things to attend to?
  • We will visualize the desired change. You will see yourself at the point you want to reach, and this clear picture of your goal will give you strength and courage to make important decisions.
  • We will get down to work: not only do we have to want the change, we also have to take action to make it happen.
  • We will work on your adaptation and leadership skills.

About me

I am Mar Meneses, psychologist and coach in love with people and passionate about communication. My specialty is processes guidance for athletes, companies and executives.


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